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Hana Equipment Management Center

Hana Equipment Management Center

Background and Purpose

The Hana Equipment Management Center has 500 pieces of experimental tools, instruments and devices (worth six billion KRW) purchased with funding from the Science and Engineering Graduate School Support Program of the Ministry of Education (1995-1999) along with equipment purchased with KU funding, the BK21 program budget and other external support. The school operates the Equipment Management Center to support the study and research efforts of graduate and undergraduate students, as well as those of faculty members.


A director is appointed from among the faculty members of the School of Life Sciences by the president of KU based on the recommendation of the dean of the school. The director’s term of office is two years, and serving consecutive terms is allowed. The director oversees the center and guides the experiments and practices of undergraduate students with the help of two staff members and other teaching assistants.

Roles and Responsibilities
  • A. Overall management and operation of shared equipment
  • B. Maintenance and repair of shared equipment
  • C. Rental and use of shared equipment
  • D. Education on the use of shared equipment
  • E. Others related to the abovementioned work

Each floor of the center has a shared lab staffed by research assistants to maximize its use for undergraduate and graduate students. Our school has invested approximately eight billion KRW in cutting-edge experimental equipment over the past five years, including an electron microscope, confocal microscope, high-speed centrifuge, X-ray crystallography, flow cytometry, BAS, a proteomic analysis facility, and a DNA sequencer. In addition, we have facilities for research and experiments, including an SPF room, pilot plant facility, radioisotope room, cell culture room, darkroom, P3 lab, and equipment room.


* Lee Ji-hyun

* 02-3290-4152

* Responsibilities: Overall management of Hana Equipment Management Room and the operation/management of high cost equipment.

* Park Hyun-joo

* 02-3290-3954

* Responsibilities: Microscope operations and machinery management


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