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Radioisotope Center

Radioisotope Center

The Radioisotope Center has continued to conduct research and experiments to understand various phenomena related to life as a hub of life sciences, carrying out the BK21 Program for years. We have become an essential part of the development of science and technology as we have resolved some mysteries of life using radioisotopes, which would not otherwise have been possible with general substances.

Furthermore, we have disposed of radioactive waste in safer and more reasonable conditions under our self-disposal plan for low-level radioactive waste, the first in a Korean educational institution. We have also developed the Separation Box for RI Disposal Room, which allows 99.9% separation and disposal of hard and liquid wastes, thereby making it possible to conduct safe and eco-friendly experiments. In addition, the RI Lab, equipped with advanced research instruments such as P-Ⅲ and X-ray crystallography, will serve as a venue for life sciences students in the 21st century to embark upon trailblazing research.


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